Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is my transaction secure through Paypal?

The PayPal site is highly secure. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption. Before you register or log in to the PayPal site, our server checks that you're using an approved browser - one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher. Once your information reaches the PayPal site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers.

2. When do I pay tax?

All gift certificates sold on GiveLo.ca do not include tax (they have cash value). You will pay the tax when you redeem your gift certificate or gift card with the merchant.

3. Do I receive a tax receipt for charitable donations?

A tax receipt will be mailed to the true donor by the local non-profit for donations of $25 or higher. Make sure the address provided in the donation form is correct. You can always follow up with the non-profit if you do not receive a tax receipt - just be sure to keep your email from GiveLo as a reference.

4. Are GiveLo gift certificates refundable?

No, gift certificates issued by GiveLo are not refundable for cash. When you buy a gift certificate on GiveLo.ca, you're actually purchasing it directly from the merchant. Upon purchase, the gift certificate becomes non-transferable.

5. How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Present your GiveLo email (a clear and clean printed version) to the merchant. They will match your copy with theirs. Please have photo identification available (e.g., driver's license or health card).

6. What if I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail?

If you didn't receive a confirmation email, it's possible that:

  • The e-mail address provided is incorrect; or
  • The message went to your junk mail or spam folder.
PayPal should send you a confirmation of your transaction. Check your junk mail or spam folder. If you need to follow up, send email to: support@givelo.ca.

7. What is the purpose of GiveLo?

To facilitate giving and to promote community engagement with the objective of creating a stronger, healthier and happier community. Get involved!

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