Chasing the Cheese

Chasing the CheeseMany of my customers come into Chasing the Cheese to buy gift certificates to give to cheese lovers who live in the Peterborough region. As a small, independent business owner, I would also like to be able to sell gift certificates to customers who live far away, but want to buy for someone who lives locally. Unfortunately, that process can get somewhat tedious. The customer has to call in their credit card number and then I have to mail out the certificate as well as receipts. Being able to purchase a gift certificate online through GiveLo, (one that can be redeemed at Chasing the Cheese,) is both a simple and convenient process for those who are purchasing, as well as the local recipient who receives their certificate via email. GiveLo also helps me because I am unlike large companies who benefit from the economies-of-scale when dealing with the technical issues of online purchasing. GiveLo is straightforward, economical and locally run and assists in promoting local businesses in Peterborough.


Julie Austin
Chasing the Cheese
372 Water Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 3L6

The New Canadians Centre

300x250 NCC logoGiveLo is an amazing proof of how newcomers give back to their new community. It is an original, creative idea that benefits our community in so many different levels. Helps local businesses and local non profits. It connects the dots. It is genius. GiveLo

Hajni Hos
Executive Director
New Canadians Centre Peterborough

The Wine Shoppe on Park

The Wine Shoppe on ParkGiveLo provides our patrons an easy, fast & secure way to give the gift of wine-making.  Being a local family business in Peterborough, we are glad to support and endorse GiveLo, another grassroots local business.

Sarah Cranley

On the corner of Park St. & Brock St.392 Brock St. Peterborough, ON K9H 2R5

What do you need to add your business or non-profit to GiveLo?

Are you a local independent business or charitable organization and want to be added to GiveLo? Some of the following information will be needed to set you up:

  • Digital logo — minimum size 400 X 300 pixels
  • Brief biography or profile of the organization — maximum 600 characters
  • If you are a business three preset amounts of eGiftCertificates for your business
  • All your contact information
  • E-mail address attached to your PayPal account
  • E-mail address where you’d like to receive all the “Notice of Sale/Donation” messages from GiveLo

For more information on how GiveLo works, send us e-mail to contact@givelo.ca. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

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