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Get Involved

Help spread the word around Peterborough about! Follow @GiveloCanada on Twitter, like the GiveLo Facebook page, and let your friends know how easy it is to give great gifts and support the Peterborough community at the same time.

Are you a local business owner?  Add your business to!

Do you help manage a local charity and want to add your organization send us an email contact at!

Why support locally-owned businesses?

Happy GiveLo Customer Support locally-owned businesses because they:

  • Enrich the community as they recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy
  • Provide distinct character, differentiating our city from others
  • Build a strong community by sustaining a vibrant town centre, link neighbors, create relationships and support local causes
  • Are owned and operated by people who live locally and who consider the impact of their actions in the community

Local businesses cater to the interest and needs of those who live in the community. Let’s keep it local!

Send an e-gift certificate and help support a local business!

Why support a local non-profit?

Peterborough is a great place to live, make friends, raise a family and grow old. We’re surrounded by beautiful lakes, country farms, parks and forests. We have a thriving arts community, culture and education sources.

Donating or becoming a volunteer is the best way to get involved and establish a connection with people, to make a difference and impact your surroundings, and most importantly to find your place within your community.

On our Community Events page you’ll find information about events being put on by local non-profits and charitable organizations.


It’s within your reach to make Peterborough a better place to live. Our charitable, non-profit organizations and grassroots businesses are constantly servicing and promoting what our community is all about — they represent our collective values. Let’s keep it local!

Send an e-gift certificate and help support a local non-profit!


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