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The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network

The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network (PPRN) was created in 2006 to tackle the growing problem of poverty in our community. Since that time, we have expanded as a large, umbrella organization with dozens of agency partners and hundreds of individuals involved.

A community free from poverty, where all people live with dignity, health and access to:


  • Affordable housing
  • Meet their basic needs
  • Secure employment with living wages
  • Education and training at all ages
  • Opportunities to reach their full potential by using their creativity and talents
  • Opportunities to be involved and included

Contact info:
277 Stewart St, Peterborough, ON K9J 3M8
Nauni Parkinson

Email: nparkinson@pprn.ca
Twitter: @PeterboroughPRN
Phone: (705)742-8839 ext. 34

Canadian dollars only

Minimum $5

For a tax receipt, a minimum donation of $25.00 is required.

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