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The Mount 
Community Centre

The Mount Community Centre

What’s New at The Mount?

Over the winter of 2013/14, the board of The Mount Community Centre has made great strides towards developing the former Mount St. Joseph property’s first wing. We are in the midst of having the final stages of our zoning approved and the building permit issued by City Hall. We expect to shortly enter into an agreement with a construction manager to determine when we’ll be able to ask for tenders to begin renovating the A Wing into housing. Interior demolition of the wing along Woodland Street has already begun in anticipation of rebuilding this spring.

We appreciate the patience of our supporters as we work our way through these key stages. The Mount board expects to have some good news announcements soon about support for the project and funding for renovations and operations. We have been pleased with the City Budget Committee’s vote for a $1-million donation paid over five years and subsequent meetings with staff to line up how this will occur. We have also been fortunate to have received some very kind donations which have assisted us with our ongoing operating costs.

Many good things are happening. We are trying to keep the community informed as we work through several key decisions that will impact the viability of the redevelopment of The Mount. Please keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming. To find out more, go to or email We would love to hear from you.


The Mount Community Centre

The Mount Community Centre

The founders of this new non-profit organization knew this would make a wonderful setting for a diverse self-sustaining village within the city. The more The Mount Community Centre  founders looked at the options for redeveloping the property, the more clear it became that the sturdy buildings and the undeveloped land, if used right, could be the perfect setting for a blend of non-profit and private tenants that would serve several community needs. A variety of community partners supports that vision by lending their expertise and staff time to develop the plans and welcome the first new tenants to the Mount.

With such momentum, The Mount Community Centre  is well on its way to creating a new and exciting social hub within the City of Peterborough. As of August 2, 2013, 1545 Monaghan Road officially became property of The Mount Community Centre.

Vision Statement
The Mount Vision Statement:
To create and sustain a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community space that transforms the lives of people who experience The Mount Community Centre.
Our Mission:
Through the redevelopment of the historic Mount St. Joseph property, The Mount Community Centre nurtures a community space that:
• profoundly respects people, land and beliefs;
• encourages relationships and partnerships among people and groups;
• focuses on housing, food, health, arts and culture, and ecological sustainability.


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