Campaign to Support the Work of Resettling Refugees

The New Canadians Centre has created two Refugee Resettlement Coordinator positions from our own reserve funds, without any external funding, to assist in the coordination of refugee resettlement in the community. We want to put our limited money where our heart is.   We are ready and motivated to do the work, but we cannot do it alone.  It will take the community working together to ensure a healthy integration process for what could be 350 new members of our community.   We need partner organisations to help deliver services, teachers to be there for the new students, children to befriend new classmates, and community members to warmly welcome their new neighbours. 300x250 NCC logo

We are calling on the community to support us as we launch a campaign to raise $150,000 for much needed support in the work of resettling refugees.  Money raised will go directly to support refugee resettlement in areas such as (but not limited to) interpretation, community training, transportation support, and direct settlement support.  Funds raised will not only be used by the New Canadians Centre but will also go to support other community agencies in their work of supporting refugees (e.g. housing support through the Housing Resource Centre, trauma counselling through the CMHA, etc.).

The New Canadians Centre is partnering with community organisations, supporting sponsorship groups, and actively preparing the ground to receive, resettle and integrate Syrian refugees into our communities.  Please join us in this good work by donating today.

·         How to Donate to the New Canadians Centre

o  http://tv0.367.mywebsitetransfer.com/non-profits/new-canadian-center-peterborough/

o   Mail to: New Canadians Centre, 221 Romaine Street, Peterborough ON, K9J 2C3  or

o   Come to our office and speak to me!

Successful refugee resettlement comes from mutual support and collaboration.


Hajni Hos

Executive Director, New Canadians Centre Peterborough

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